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Gilding Classes


I am able to provide a wide range of classes for those who wish to experience direct tuition of gilding in a variety of formats and locations.

The 2 Day Taster is a great way to be introduced to basic gilding and the correct techniques of handling the gold, surface preparation and more.  It covers the basics of oil gilding and water gilding.

The 5 Day Masterclass provides a much deeper level of understanding of gilding. As well as covering the techniques of the 2 day taster, on this course, students are encouraged to bring a piece of work that they wish to work on and are provided tailored guidance on how to proceed. 

The Private Class is for those who prefer a more home based personal experience, I make myself available to you at your request.  These classes are tailored to your specifications and ensure undivided personal attention and development.  This can be for more than one person too, so you can share costs with a friend or two!

This year I am offering classes in the U.S.A., for a small tour in the fall.  This will be a selection of 2 day, 5 day and private classes according to the uptake.


If you want to know what my classes are like, read all about one of them in one of my students blogs here:


‘Hi Richard just a line to thank you for a well constructed and informal class.  I now feel confident enough to attempt most projects.  Regards’- Tony B.

‘Great Course, very educational.’ - John.

‘Loved the workshop, the instructor was a nice chap who had time for everyone. He made it a fun experience and at the same time was able to show us different processes and techniques.’ - Mel.

‘Hi Richard,  really enjoyed the course recently. I missed out on an old set of burnishers on ebay last week. 48 items went for 90... they would have been a really good buy!’- Rick K.

Dear Richard,  I have been meaning to write for some time to say how much I enjoyed your couple of weeks teaching at Gifford. I know that everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.’ - Charlie C








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